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Biking on Cape Cod

Nauset Newcomers

Nauset Newcomers Bicycle Group
May 21,2019

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    Even though our focus is on walking, users have asked us for information about
bicycling on Cape Cod.  Usually, these folks are from off-Cape, and thus do not have
access to the printed material available in local bookstores.  Many of us who walk
regularly are also bike riders, so we can be of some help.  Consider this as a work in
progress, however.
    First, we will show scanned maps of some of the paved bicycle trails.  Then we will add,
one at a time, descriptions of road routes that we know and like.  Only experienced bicyclists
should ride the roads of Cape Cod.  Family groups in particular should only ride on paved
trails. Everyone should wear a helmet.  You only need it once!  
Maps :
Map of National Seashore Bicycle Trails in Eastham and Truro

Map of Shining Sea Bikeway

Map of Bike Paths on Martha's Vineyard

Map of Nickerson Park bike trails

Map of Cape Cod Rail Trails and other trails in Massachusetts

Map of Rail Trail Extension Bicycle Route   

Map of Bike Paths in the Town of Dennis

East Bay Bike Path, Rhode Island

Photos and maps of bike trails

Cape Cod Canal bike paths

Below are more rides that are fun to do!

Road Routes: (to be added, periodically)

Brewster Rides

      Paines Creek Beach  From Nickerson Park to Paines Creek Beach in Brewster.   13.4 Miles.
      Back Roads  Suitable for mountain bikes only.   13.5 Miles.
      Long Pond   A short circular around Long Pond.   13 Miles.

Buzzards Bay

      Massachusetts Maritime Academy  Ride the canal trail to have lunch with the cadets.   16 Miles.

Chatham Rides

      Morris Island  Wonderful views from the land's end of Cape Cod.   25.3 Miles.
      Old Colony Rail Trail  Continuation of the Harwich Rail Trail to Crowell Road in Chatham.    14.2 Miles.

Dennis Rides

       Dennis Village  Ride along Old Bass River Rd to Dennis Village, around the shore. 12 miles. The route has a             Senior Version.
      South Dennis  A loop using Dennis bike paths and back roads in Dennis and Brewster.   13 Miles.
      West Dennis  A loop to West Dennis Beach, Dennis Port, and South Dennis.   15.8 Miles.
      Dennis Bicycle Trail  Riding trail along Route 134, connect to Old Bass River & Setucket Roads.  13.2 Miles.

Eastham Rides

      South Eastham  Up the rail trail and back along the bay to Rock Harbor.   10.7 Miles.
      Eastham Seashore  See lighthouses and beaches, returning on shady back roads in Eastham.   10.3 Miles.
      Eastham Beaches  From Salt Pond Visitors Center, visit Bay beaches and see Ocean beaches.   15.2 Miles.

Falmouth Rides

      Falmouth Heights  A beautiful ride along Vineyard Sound.   18 Miles.
      Tour de Falmouth  Ride down the west side of Falmouth to Woods Hole, with moderate hills.   24 Miles.
      Falmouth West  A Variation of Tour de Falmouth.   24 Miles.

Harwich Rides

      Harwich Rail Trail   A loop using the Old Colony Rail Trail in Harwich.   14.4 Miles.
      Harwich Port  By Bay Beaches.   12.5 Miles.

Hyannis Rides

      Hyannis Port  A short but exceptionally scenic ride through Hyannis Port to Craigville Beach.   10.1 Miles.

Martha's Vineyard

      Martha's Vineyard  A day trip from Cape Cod.   

Orleans Rides

      Orleans Beaches  A loop ride to the 3 Orleans beaches:  Skaket, Rock Harbor, and Nauset.   13.8 Miles.
      Orleans CC Bay Views  Celebrate Our Orleans Waters.   8.2 Miles.
      Tour East Orleans: Variations on scenic rides to see landings and ponds.
         Tour de Orleans Waterways #29A  19 to 23 Miles.
         Tour de East Orleans #29B  13.2 Miles.
         Tour de East Orleans #29C  11.4 Miles.

Osterville Rides

      Osterville-Centerville  An enjoyable Ride around Osterville, Centerville and Craigville Beach.   12.9 Miles.

Sandwich Rides

      Sandwich   Ride along the canal trail to end - Railroad Bridge.   12 - 18 Miles.

Truro Rides

      Pamet Harbor  Pamet Harbor to Provincetown.  A shuttle route.   14.2 Miles.
      Head of the Meadow  A nice loop, on the bike path and Shore Road, with a visit to Cape Cod Light.   10.2 Miles.
      Ballston Beach  A loop from Pamet Harbor to Ballston Beach.   12.8 Miles


Wellfleet Rides

      Wellfleet Ocean View  Ride along the dunes in Wellfleet overlooking the Atlantic.   12.9 Miles
      Wellfleet Harbor  Ride along the edge of this vast harbor to Duck Harbor beach.   10 Miles.
      Wellfleet to Pamet Harbor  From the heart of Wellfleet along back roads to Pamet Harbor.   14 Miles.
      Wellfleet to Corn Hill Beach    From Wellfleet center, bike along back roads to Balston Beach, Pamet Harbor and then to Corn Hill beach Truro.   
      Wellfleet to Provincetown  A 24 mile ride from the end of paved trail, suggested here as a car shuttle.   
      Tour de Wellfleet  A scenic ride through the central area of Wellfleet.   13 Miles.

Provincetown Rides

Yarmouth Rides

      South Yarmouth   Tour the ocean beaches facing Nantucket Sound.   12.8 Miles.
      Yarmouth Bike Trail  Ride the bicycle trails in the middle of Yarmouth.   13 Miles.
      Yarmouth Port  A scenic route to Bass River and Gray's Beach.   12.5 Miles.