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Brewster -- Nickerson State Park Short Walks on Cape Cod

DCR Map of Nickerson Park

Cliff Pond

Topo Map

The walk around Cliff Pond is in all the guide books and in the web sites. We give you a nice little topographical map to help you circle the pond. We didn't bother plotting waypoints.  The idea is to keep the pond in view and walk around either clockwise, or counterclockwise.  You may start from the end of Flax Pond Road in Nickerson State Park.  We suggest
taking the inland trails, where you can find them, rather that walking the beach.  Slogging through soft sand can be very tiring.  It is about a three mile walk.

Nickerson Bike Loop

Topo Map

We were reminded the other day that the bike trail loop in Nickerson State Park makes an excellent three mile walk at certain times of the year, namely, late fall and early spring.  And that's because the leaves and pine needles make a soft and colorful footing.  Nobody can ride  
on the trail because they also make it too slippery for a bicycle.   Follow the ski markers from (001) to (014) and then continue on the bike trail to (017).

Ruth Pond

Topo Map

Park opposite the Silas Road gate (001) on Nook Road, about 3 miles from the main entrance to Nickerson State Park.  Walk west briefly to the woods road headed north (002), then north to the foot of Little Cliff Pond (003), and around the west shore to (004).

Follow the shore of Cliff Pond to (007).  Walk along the side of the hill east of Grassy Nook Pond to Nook Road (008).  Walk up the hill south to the Ruth Pond bicycle trail.  Walk that, or an adjacent woods road to (009), then the bicycle trail to the shore of Ruth Pond (010).

Walk west to the gate to Silas Road (011), then loop around on Silas Road past (012), (013), and (014) back to (001).  Five miles.

Eel Pond

Topo Map

Park at the end of Flax Pond Road in Nickerson State Park (001). Walk east on the trail above Little Cliff Pond.  Just after the trail comes down to the beach, look for a foot path
leading east (002).  Follow it to a trail intersection east of Higgins Pond (003).  Walk south on the woods road and continue as it meanders west around the bottom of Eel Pond.  Continue to a woods road leading north (004); follow that briefly to another leading
west (005).  Walk west, crossing a macadam drive to a camp site, and continue to the ridge overlooking Little Cliff Pond (006).  Walk south, west, and north (007) around the pond to return to start (001).  3.2 miles.

Keeler Pond

Topo Map

To avoid confusion, we will call this walk, "Keeler Pond," instead of Flax Pond, and avoid duplication with the Flax Pond walk in Dennis. The walk is a combination of the the outbound and return legs of ourLong Walk in Nickerson Park.  Print out the guide and sketch map
for that walk.  The difference is that you will head west on Higgins Pond Road to the end of Flax Pond Road, then continue around the north shore of Cliff Pond.

Walk north up to the trail around Flax Pond, as indicated.  If walking around the west shore, walk up to the camping area where the pond bends east.  Then continue north to the beginning of Flax Pond Road, cross it, and return to the main parking lot.  Five miles.
And Return.